Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Translation Tuesday: China's Peacekeepers in Mali: Bringing the “Lei Feng Spirit” to West Africa

By Laiyin Yuan

Author: Bai Yuntian, Li Xianghui
Translator: Laiyin Yuan
Published on: 03/04/2015
Source: China National Radio (CNR) Military
Original text (in Chinese):

Lei Feng, an ordinary Chinese soldier in the People's Liberation Army, was the Chinese model of altruism and modesty due to his good deeds and selfless contribution to the people. Now, Chinese soldiers are bringing the "spirit of Lei Feng" to West Africa.
---- Laiyin Yuan (Translator)

Photo 1: China’s second batch of peacekeeping troops in Mali are showing the locals how to read the blueprints of prefabricated homes/Photo: Bai Yuntian

“We are able to live in these cozy prefabricated homes thanks to your generous help,” said Ayette (transliteration from Chinese – Laiyin), a Malian, to the Chinese peacekeepers lending a helping hand in Gao Super Camp on the morning of March 4. Recently, the soldiers of China’s second peacekeeping troops were "learning from Lei Feng, to help people, to sow friendship," and to promote the Lei Feng spirit widely in West Africa.

Shortly after Spring Festival, the peacekeepers were dispatched to Gao Super Camp for prefab house construction without any “post-holiday recovery.”

Orlando, the United Nations’ Mali Mission officer who supervised the Super Camp, introduced that “the process of prefab house construction by 17 Malian employees on this site has been very slow due to the limitations in technology and skills. It has been more than a half month since they stationed in the Super Camp, but they are still living in thatched huts now.”

Photo 2: Soldiers from China’s second batch peacekeeping troops in Mali are teaching the locals how to build a prefab house/Photo: Bai Yuntian

Upon learning this situation, Chinese peacekeepers took the initiative to help on the construction site. They shipped the prefab walls and frames, taught the locals how to install doors and windows, and explained how to properly check and use the air-conditioners. The engineering squad's Wan Xin said that the team taught every step, ranging from leveling the house's foundation to fixing screws rivets.

In addition to teaching construction, the peacekeepers also brought warmth to the Mali locals. Many Malians were suffering from hand scratches by sheet layering because they could not afford gloves. Zhong Yazhou, a non-commissioned officer of the engineering squad, gave the local employees his own gloves and won their praise. With the assistance and guidance of the Chinese peacekeepers, the locals were able to move into the well-constructed houses within one week. Their living conditions were much improved.

It is reported that, so far, Chinese peacekeepers have deployed 322 times with 54 trucks and other equipment to help lift containers for Bangladeshi troops, assist Nigerien troops with logistics, construct the Gao waste disposal station, and built five prefab houses.

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