Friday, April 26, 2013

Sino-Africa Happy-Hour

Last night a few Sino-Africa watchers and I put together a "Sino-Africa Happy-Hour" (the second hyphen is deliberate!) at Bukom Cafe in Washington D.C. We had fantastic turnout, although it did not hurt that Prof. Jung Yoon Park and Amb. David Shinn let me tell everybody within earshot that they would be attending. Unfortunately, Prof. Deborah Brautigam could not make it, but there is always next time. 

Overall, the evening was great and gave many budding young Sino-Africanists a chance to get to know one another. Hopefully this can be a regular event. If anyone is in the D.C. area and is interesting in attending, please let me know of your availability. 

And now, for some photos (Note I have yet to put captions on the them)!