Friday, February 28, 2014

The beautiful (Zambian) game in a beautiful (Chinese) stadium

China's stadium diplomacy is a topic that we do not really touch on this podcast but that all changed after hosts Winslow Robertson and Dr. Nkemjika Kalu read Mr. Hikabwa Decius Chipande's blog post "China’s Stadium Diplomacy: A Zambian Perspective" which was on Football is Coming Home. The hosts inveted Chipande on the pod to discuss his piece, and he graciously agreed. He is studying the social and cultural history of football in Zambia in the 20th century and he is a recipient of the FIFA Havelange Research Scholarship for his doctoral dissertation on the social and political history of football in Zambia, 1950-1993. What an expert!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Deep thoughts by Derek Sheridan

After last week's episode, hosts Winslow Robertson and Dr. Nkemjika Kalu are brought on another person Winslow met at the African Studies Association Annual Meeting last year: Mr. Derek Sheridan, An anthropology PhD student at Brown University, Derek is studying Chinese migration in east Africa. He is interested in broader questions of transnationalism, migration, identity, and more! He also speaks Mandarin after putting in a few years in Taiwan. Derek came on the pod to discuss anthropology, epistemology, theory, and if there is such a thing as "China-Africa Studies." Prepare for some deep thoughts!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More Chinese students studying African history, please

Hosts Winslow Robertson and Dr. Nkemjika Kalu wanted to introduce their listeners to Liu Shaonan, an African history PhD student at Michigan State University who is studying the history of Ghana's Chinese diaspora. Originally from China himself, Shaonan talks about Africa-China history, current China-Ghana relations, the importance of Twi, and more. If any of our Chinese listeners are interested in African studies, this episode is a must-listen!