Sunday, January 26, 2014

China's role in the future of South Sudan

You wanted South Sudanese voices? We have South Sudanese voi - we have A South Sudanese voice on hand to share her fascinating insights on South Sudan's peace process, China/South Sudan relations, and the future of the young country. Hosts Winslow Robertson and Dr. Nkemjika Kalu had a live discussion with Ms. Natalina Malwal, a representative of the South Sudanese community in the U.S.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Addendum - 130 Years of China/South Sudan history

While Dr. Daniel Large gave an excellent overview of Chinese/South Sudanese history, there was not as much of a discussion on South Sudan's relations with neighboring countries (China is not a neighbor, after all). Hosts Winslow Robertson and Dr. Nkemjika Kalu asked Ms. Lesley Anne Warner, an Africa security specialist, to talk a little more about the particulars of South Sudanese politics and how they relate to its foreign policy, to which she graciously agreed. Despite their best efforts, there were still technical difficulties in the recording, however: a slight scratching sound every time Winslow speaks. But you do not listen to this podcast for what Winslow has to say, correct?

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130 Years of China/South Sudan history

Hosts Winslow Robertson and Dr. Nkemjika Kalu continue their discussion of China/South Sudan relations, this time examining the history between both countries. And who better to ask than Dr. Daniel Large, Assistant Professor at Central European University and the Director of the Rift Valley Institute of the Sudan Open Archive. He recently completed his PhD at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies. His thesis, "Fantastic Invasions: intervention and the politics of the international in Sudan," looks at the international community's relations with Sudan and how it reacted to Chinese engagement with the country. He has also published a number of books and articles, notably a co-edited volume with Chris Alden and Ricardo Soares de Oliveira: "China Returns to Africa: A Continent and a Rising Power Embrace," published by Hurst Publishers and Columbia University Press. He also wears extremely stylish glasses, but we fear you will not be able to see them!

PS There are a few technical glitches with the recording, for which we apologize! Also, our Chinese and South Sudanese guests could not participate in this podcast :(



Between the CPA and Southern Independence: China's Post-Conflict Engagement in Sudan by Daniel Large

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Addendum - Being Black in China versus being African in China

In the last show, Cowries and Rice did not manage to have any African perspective on being Black in China versus being African in China. Hosts Winslow Robertson and Dr. Nkemjika Kalu thankfully got in touch with Mr. Kumbukilani Phiri, a Zambian who speaks fluent Mandarin after studying, working, and living in China and who is currently employed at the Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group. He generously offered his thoughts on the matter. Sadly, there were a few technical glitches so they only managed to have a WeChat conversation, which was recorded after the fact. It is still a great episode!

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