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Of Interest 09/15 - 09/21

09/15 - 09/21 2014 SADC: Do not forget about the UN Climate Summit
  • 12 more Ugandans facing death in China - Simon Masaba, New Vision, September 6, 2014: "The conviction and sentencing of more Ugandans to death by hanging, was confirmed by the Interpol chief, Asan Kasingye, in an interview with New Vision this week. In July this year, the Chinese authorities executed two Ugandans — Omar Ddamulira and Ham Andrew Ngobi over drug trafficking. Kasingye identified the Ugandans recently sentenced to death in China as Joseph Kiberu Mulindwa, Sara Basima, Alex Kayiwa, Benjamin Bisuka, Derrick Kiryowa, Willy Musoke, Ambrose Tsimi, Scovia Nakintu, John Luke Wasonye, Peter Wamoka and Geoffrey Ogwal. There was no information yet about their next of kin in Uganda. Kasingye also said the list recently received from Interpol on Ugandans convicted abroad also includes a number of people serving long prison sentences in China, Japan and Kenya."
  • How Africa's first education tablet computer was created - Tamasin Ford, BBC News, September 15, 2014: "At the moment the tablets are all made and assembled in China, but Qelasy's vision includes setting up a factory in Ivory Coast. 'It's our dream,' says the entrepreneur. 'I'm passionate about education because I would like our country, our continent to take the place that it should have in the world and without education it's not possible.'"
  • Fourteen Nobel laureates urge Zuma to give Dalai Lama visa - The Citizen, September 16, 2014: "The Dalai Lama was to attend a summit of Nobel peace prize winners in Cape Town next month, the first-ever meeting of its kind in Africa. But, according to an aide, he cancelled after Pretoria denied him a visa in a bid to avoid angering China, which regards the Buddhist monk as a campaigner for Tibetan independence. 'We are deeply concerned about the damage that will be done to South Africa’s international image by a refusal – or failure – to grant him a visa yet again,' the group said in a letter to President Jacob Zuma. Signatories include Poland’s Lech Walesa, Bangladeshi entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus, Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi, Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee and Northern Irish peacemakers David Trimble and John Hume. The Dalai Lama has applied three times in the last five years to visit the country once led by Nelson Mandela."
  • Better local price challenges Ethiopia’s shoes export - Andualem Sisay Gessesse, The EastAfrican, September 16, 2014: "Chinese shoe manufacturing company Huajian, which has its own shoe city in China, is currently producing 2,000 pairs of shoes every day in Ethiopia. At about $40 per month, the cost of labour in Ethiopia is 10 times less than that in China, which stands at about $400.Huajian recently secured 138 hectares of land in Ethiopia where it plans to establish its own industrial zone at a cost of about $2.2 billion. Foreign shoe factories like Huajian with an international marketing network are expected to boost Ethiopia’s foreign currency from the sector but the question begs: For how long will foreign brands dominate the industry?"
  • Chinese man arrives in Namibia on bicycle - New Era Newspaper, September 17, 2014: "Yesterday, traffic almost came to a virtual standstill in the northern part of Windhoek when an uncommon heavily loaded bicycle, paddled by a Chinese rider, strolled along the outstretched Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue. Our team spotted the unusual attraction and resolved to have a word with the leg-weary but friendly, courageous cyclist. Li Jianbo, 29 is a man on a serious mission to have his name engraved in full print in the famous Guinness Book of Records. He cycled from his native China to Namibia through a journey that took 14-months through the African jungle, arriving in Katima Mulilo in July this year en route to the Mother City in South Africa."
  • How Much Can China Offer in Africa’s Ebola Crisis? - Yanzhong Huang, Asia Unbound | Council on Foreign Relations, September 18, 2014: "In short, China cannot become Africa’s savior in the current crisis. There is no evidence that Chinese leaders actually buy into the fantasy created by the state media. They might be convinced that allowing the latter to keep up the pretense helps spread soft power in Africa. But as Joseph Nye of Harvard University noted, soft power depends on credibility. By exaggerating its contributions to the Ebola outbreak, the state media is undermining China’s humanitarian efforts in Africa as well as its image internationally."
  • For Poor Countries, China Is No Model - Dambisa Moyo, The Wall Street Journal, Sept. 19, 2014: "Other rising powers are eager to emulate China's success and pursue statist policies that can quickly deliver a short-term jolt. Under state capitalism, China has delivered phenomenal growth, brought hundreds of millions out of poverty, bulked up infrastructure and delivered social services. Moreover, as autocratic China has surged, democracy and capitalism have suffered a series of setbacks that make them less tempting options. These range from high levels of income inequality in the U.S. to the rise of governments in Russia, Venezuela and elsewhere that are nominally democratic but sharply limit free speech and the rule of law."
  • Fronteir Advisories hosted the China Africa Business Forum - SABC Digital News, Sep 19, 2014: "Fronteir Advisories hosted the China Africa Business Forum in Johannesburg on Friday - bringing together leading decision makers from Chinese and African companies. It notes that China's engagement of Africa has been the leading megatrend over the last decade. China is now the single largest trading partner of Africa, the largest financier of infrastructure and the largest lender to African governments."

Turkey outdoes China in terms of Ethiopia investment - World Bulletin, 11 September, 2014
Dar snubs China's investment forum - DailyNews, 10 September, 2014
Uganda seeks Sh710b China loan to fund railway construction - Standard Digital, 20 September 2014
Zambia is China’s 8th major trade partner - Zambia Daily Mail September 21, 2014
Kenya waits on Chinese - East African Business Week, 21 September, 2014
African Regional Economic Communities’ engagement with China - Daouda Cissé | Meryl Burgess | Ross Anthony | Harrie Esterhuyse, Stellenbosch University Center for Chinese Studies, September, 2014
China and global finance: hedging bets - Maxime Lauzon-Lacroix, Stellenbosch University Center for Chinese Studies, 15 September, 2014
Construction fast-tracked on huge new China-backed port in Tanzania


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