Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Translation Tuesday: 安哥拉元旦守夜活动发生踩踏事件致10人死亡 (10 People Killed in Angolan New Year's Day Vigil Stampede)

10 People Killed in Angolan New Year's Day Vigil Stampede
2013年01月02日03:21 新华网 评论

Xinhua Luanda, January 1 (Wang Bingfei reporting) Angolan National Fire Department spokesman [Faustino] Sebastiao announced on January 1, that the a stampede occurred on on the evening of December 31 2012, during the New Year's Day vigil held in Hedo Della Stadiumin. located in the Angolan capital of Luanda, resulting in 10 deaths and 120 people injured.
新华网罗安达1月1日电(记者 王丙飞) 安哥拉国家消防局发言人赛巴蒂奥1月1日宣布,去年12月31日晚在首都罗安达希达德拉体育场举行的元旦守夜仪式上发生了踩踏事件,造成10人死亡,120人受伤。

Sebastiao said the dead included six adults and four children, most of whom died from being trampled and suffocation, and there are also 120 injured, with 12 people sent to Luanda's major hospital for treatment.

According to Angolan media reports, the stampede occurred about 7:30 p.m. local time on December 31 2012, when a large number of Luanda residents rushed to Hedo Della Stadium to participate in the New Year's Day vigil organized by a church, and as they opened the doors to the stadium it caused a stamped. The organizers expected 70,000 people to participate in the vigil, but the actual attendance was well over 70,000, and details from the event are still waiting verification.

(Original Title: Angola New Year's Day Vigil Stampede Kills 10 People)

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