Monday, December 23, 2013

Being Black in China versus being African in China

Hosts Winslow Robertson and Dr. Nkemjika Kalu once again delve into discussions about race in China, and to help guide them through the discussion is Mr. Marketus Presswood, who is pursuing his PhD in Modern Chinese History and has a broad interest in the experience of African-Americans and the African Diaspora as whole in China. Back in July, he wrote a fantastic article for Tea Leaf Nation/The Atlantic called "A Minority in the Middle Kingdom: My Experience Being Black in China," which, well, talked about being black in China. He also has extensive experience in international education, including bringing African-American students to study abroad in China, where he lived for eight years. We asked him to share his thoughts on being Black in China versus being African in China.

PS We actually did line up an African guest but sadly things did not work out! We are not trying to ignore African voices on the subject!



A Minority in the Middle Kingdom: My Experience Being Black in China by Marketus Presswood

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  1. I read the article on tealeafnation and I must admit to whats said here, I did not think about the differences with Afrcans and African Americans in China. I did have many African friends there, but I always assumed we we're in the same boat. On my blog:

    I speak about my experieces being black in Asia, as well as trying to encourage others to make that stride. I am hoping to increase black prescence in Asia, at the least, because I don't want to exclude anyone, I want to try to bridge the young cultures together, more then hip-hop, and basketball, which are the only things they really know us for.