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Translation Tuesday: Great love engraved on a blue helmet: Peace-keeping Hero Jiang Hangang

By Zander Rounds

Author: Feng Chunmei
Translator: Zander Rounds
Published on: 12/3/10
Source: China Daily

Original text (in Chinese): http://military.people.com.cn/GB/1076/84133/13385548.html

Jiang Hangang (third from left) with leadership team
members inspecting equipment (Zhu Min, Xinhua) 
In a country of peace and prosperity, why does the hero embark on journeys? To uphold peace.

On April 18, 2008, Jiang Hangang, Party Secretary, Military Engineer Platoon Captain of China’s seventh dispatch of peacekeepers to Liberia, and Regiment commander of Beijing Collective Military Engineering Corps, was in charge of 274 soldiers preparing to set off.

Two great tests would befall Jiang during this trip.

In a foreign land stricken with tragedy, the first test was an arduous mission. Jiang Hangang, however, had long been prepared. Drawing on Jiang’s spirit of leading from the front, his men struggled mightily, achieving many great victories. 118 kilometers of road were upgraded, 332 kilometers of paths repaired, 5 bridges erected, and more than 100 small-scale engineering projects secured… Every single mission was executed beautifully.

Stomach cancer, this was to be the second test, a test that Jiang Hangang had never imagined but would encounter every day during his peacekeeping mission. His ailment left him in unspeakable suffering but he simply pushed onwards. He threw himself body and mind into the mission, propped up by a tenacious steadfastness, until he returned home and went to the hospital for the physical examination that revealed his late stage cancer.

There was no shortage of emotion, as the news spread from UN officials to the Liberian government and populace, eventually reaching the officers and men of his platoon.

After Hu Jintao, CCP Central Committee General Secretary, Premier and Central Military Commission Chairman, learned the deeds of comrade Jiang Hangang – who stayed at the frontline until completing his peacekeeping mission despite suffering from cancer – he immediately sent a communication to the Military Commission and Beijing Military Area. In it, he conveyed his respect for comrade Jiang Hang and arranged for thorough medical treatment.

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