Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Link of the Day: China’s Netizens Call for Military Action in Sudan

My former colleagues at the China Africa Project have found a dynamite translator/contributor in Tendai Musakwa to replace my output. He just put up this piece that lists some of the Weibo reactions to the January 12 kidnappings of Chinese company employees. Here are some quotes I found interesting:
_lillian:Pray for our fellow countrymen! China gives too much aid to Africa; self-examination, self-examination please. Africans in China fuck Chinese women, disturb the social order and take advantage of our generosity without giving anything in return. Policy should change with different dynamics, don’t just keep on giving aid. (Jan. 13 21:19) 
Finn1007: Chinese people’s passports have a statement that instructs them to not stir up trouble while abroad. Americans’ passports, on the other hand, say that America will always be behind you. This is one of the reasons why Chinese people are always bullied when they are abroad. (Jan. 13 21:21) 
武汉伢在成兜: I hope you are safe and sound comrades in arms! This makes me think of that scene on March 1, 2011 when my colleagues safely came back to the country from Syria [tear]. They took a boat ride from Syria to Tunisia and then the government arranged a flight for them from Tunisia to Guangzhou Baiyuan airport through Urumqi. It was difficult. I’m thinking of my colleagues who are abroad [flag] (Jan. 13 21:38) 
76年小叔:Send troops like Western countries do. (Jan. 13 22:07) 

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